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Macon Little Theatre would like to thank all of the generous donors who contributed to our Debt Reduction Campaign. Because of you and the Community Foundation Challenge Grant, we are now debt free. With the debt obligation removed, we will now be able to concentrate on much need building improvements to enhance the theatre experience for our patrons. We will to continue to call upon you for your support through attendance and donations. If you would like to include us on you list of yearly contributions, we can build an endowment which will enable us to serve the community for many years to come.

Our original mission statement written by the founders in 1934 states, “Macon Little Theatre is of the people, by the people and for the people and its object is to present drama and related arts and to become a real community asset through its efforts, not only to provide entertainment for its members, but to be the embryo from which, as from the sowing of the dragon’s teeth by Jason, will spring directors, actors,playwrights, artists, costumers – craftsmen all – in a common and eminently worthwhile community activity”. We intend to live up to that mission.

“Community” has come to include Macon and surrounding areas. Our donors and patrons reside in Macon, Eastman, Gray, Perry, Warner Robins, Dublin, Griffin, Centerville, Ft. Valley, Gordon, Lizella, Milledgeville, Ellaville, Forsyth and Kathleen, Thank you all for your support. Your generosity and community spirit will enable us to continue to provide quality theatre experiences for you all. We look forward to seeing you at your Macon Little Theatre.

To read more about our journey, check out the article from The Macon Telegraph.

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