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Cast for “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” Chosen

Narrators…. Weldon Ledbetter, Amy Easter, Bailey Vincent, Amber Burton
Joseph…. Chris Abbott
Jacob…. Frank Shirah
Jacob’s Wives…. Martha Shirah, Jaloo Zelonis, Kathy Stubbs, Amy Burton, Natalie Edison
Jacob’s Grandchildren…. Emilee Burton, Rebecca Burton, Prentice Rutledge
Reuben (Canaan Days)… Tony Kemp
Simeon….. Kenny Jones
Levi (One More Angel)…. Joe Barone
Napthali…. Caleb Morton
Isaachar (Benjamin’s Calypso)…. Antwan Ward
Asher…. Joseph Whidby
Dan…. Jeremy Greene
Zebulon…. Zebulon Self
Gad…. James Hulett
Judah…. Brandon Broadus
Benjamin…. Michael Burton
Potiphar…. Gary Burton
Mrs. Potiphar…. Colby Marshall
Butler…. John Eyler
Baker…. Skip Lazenby
Pharoah…. Bryn Rouse
Pharoah’s Wives…. Nikki Vincent, Alyssa Kuncaitis, Casey Kaplan
Dance Ensemble Women….Brooklyn Rogers, Madeline Cole, Hayli Hall, Katie Beth Stubbs, Elizabeth Lynch, Ivana King, Amanda Schroeder

Welcome to the Cast of Joseph!

Here are some instructions about what to do next!
1) Please reply whether you wish to accept or decline the role you have been offered by
emailing to
2) Plan to attend the initial cast meeting/rehearsal on Friday, May 27th @ 7 p.m. where you
will receive a script, schedule, costume information and write your bio for the program.
3) Directions to our rehearsal location: Start as though you are leaving Macon Little Theatre’s
driveway by taking a RIGHT onto Vineville Avenue (heading toward downtown) go straight through the 1st traffic light which is the intersections of Forest Hill, Park and Vineville Avenue. Continue to the 2nd traffic light, which is the intersection of Brookdale and Vineville. Turn RIGHT onto Brookdale Avenue. You will cross over a railroad track and see a shopping strip mall on your left with a large sign PAYNE CITY STATION. Turn LEFT into the shopping mall parking lot – our school is at the far end.
Academy of the Performing Arts
3378 Brookdale Ave.
The phone number at the school is 476-1910.

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