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Auditions for Legally Blond the Musical
Directed by Sylvia Haynie and Laura Voss
Choreographed by Jenny Carroll Morris

Auditions for “Legally Blond the Musical” will be held on Sunday, May 13 at Macon Little Theatre (4220 Forsyth Rd.) at 7:30 PM and on Monday May 14 at The Academy of the Performing Arts (3378 Brookdale Avenue) at 7:30 PM. Please bring sheet music and be prepared to sing 16 bars with accompaniment. Also dress appropriately for basic dance audition.

Character Breakdown for Legally Blond

  • BROOKE WYNDAM An exercise video star who is also a former sorority girl– Alto or Soprano
  • CHUTNEY A serious Indian law student
  • ELLE WOODS The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality– Soprano Belt
  • ELLE’S DAD Elle’s rich, golfer father– Baritone
  • ELLE’S MOM Elle’s socialite, country-clubbing mother– Alto
  • EMMETT FORREST A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing– Tenor
  • ENID A mousy, intellectual law student– Soprano Belt
  • KATE– Alto
  • KYLE (UPS GUY) A great-looking, in-shape employee of the United Postal Services
  • LEILANI– Alto
  • MANAGER– Alto
  • MARGOT A pretty and funny California sorority girl– Soprano Belt
  • PAULETTE A brash and funny hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself– Soprano Belt
  • PILAR A pretty and funny California sorority girl– Soprano Belt
  • PROFESSOR CALLAHAN A pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard– Baritone
  • SERENA A pretty and funny California sorority girl– Soprano Belt
  • VIVIENNE KENSINGTON A smart and savvy law student who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend– Soprano Belt
  • WARNER HUNTINGTON III A good-looking, but pompous guy who breaks Elle’s heart– Tenor
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Director: J. CINDY HILL
MAY 18 – 27

Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina’s Outer Banks to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other’s lives. “The Dixie Swim Club” focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years. Sheree, the spunky team captain, desperately tries to maintain her organized and ‘perfect’ life, and continues to be the group’s leader. Dinah, the wise-cracking overachiever, is a career dynamo. But her victories in the courtroom are in stark contrast to the frustrations of her personal life. Lexie, pampered and outspoken, is determined to hold on to her looks and youth as long as possible. She enjoys being married – over and over and over again. The self-deprecating and acerbic Vernadette, acutely aware of the dark cloud that hovers over her life, has decided to just give in and embrace the chaos. And sweet, eager-to-please Jeri Neal experiences a late entry into motherhood that takes them all by surprise. As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, sex, marriage, parenting, divorce and aging) that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of ‘teamwork’, rally ‘round their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. “The Dixie Swim Club” is the story of these five unforgettable women – a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever…


Sheree……….. ANNA DEIGNAN

Dinah….…………… J. J. HOBBS



Jeri Neal…………… AMY LINES

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