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“On Golden Pond”
Written by Ernest Thompson
Directed by Weldon Ledbetter
August 28 – September 6, 2015
Box Office opens August 24, 2015
This is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year. He is a retired professor, nearing eighty, with heart palpitations and a failing memory—but still as tart-tongued, observant and eager for life as ever. Ethel, ten years younger, and the perfect foil for Norman, delights in all the small things that have enriched and continue to enrich their long life together.
Time, they know, is now against them, but the years have been good and, perhaps, another summer on Golden Pond still awaits.
“ON GOLDEN POND is a work of rare simplicity and beauty, and in Thompson our theatre has found a fresh new voice.” —NY Daily News. ”

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Parents need to know that INTO THE WOODS is a beautiful, clever, frequently funny, sometimes somber, and sometimes uplifting take on classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Its presentation of characters like Cinderella, Prince Charming, Rapunzel and others as flawed people may be confusing or upsetting for younger kids. There’s a lot to think about in the plot and it’s pretty emotionally complicated stuff. A wolf preys on a young girl, children lose and are separated from their parents, sympathetic characters die, handsome princes aren’t all they appear to be, and there’s no promise of happy ending for anyone. The Wicked Witch might scare younger kids, and giants wreak havoc upon the land — but for the most part, the scares are mild. There’s no strong language to speak of (though some of the brilliant lyrics are tricky to follow); characters do kiss, and there’s a tryst between a couple who are married to others. But teamwork is valued, family is found in unexpected places, and characters tackle moral dilemmas in original ways. We recommend this production for children ages 10 and up. However, you make the decision based on the maturity of your child. We will follow the usual theatre policy of not admitting children under 5 for this production based on length and complexity of the show. The show is 2 ½ hours long not including intermission. We hope this helps you with your decision of the age appropriateness of MLT’s production of INTO THE WOODS.

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