About MLT

The Macon Little Theatre renders a valuable service by exposing our community to fine stage art and musical hits while providing an opportunity for our community's talented citizens to grace the stage. Further, the theatre brings Broadway to Central Georgia - at a much more reasonable price.

The original Mission Statement of Macon Little Theatre written by the founders in 1934. It holds true for today:

"The Macon Little Theatre is of the people, by the people and for the people and its object is to promote the drama and related arts and to become a real community asset through its efforts not only to provide entertainment for its members, but to be the embryo from which, as the sowing of the dragon's teeth by Jason, will spring directors, actors, playwrights, artists, set builders, designers, make-up experts, costumers-craftsmen all- in a common and eminently worthwhile community activity."

  • Overview - What Macon Little Theatre is doing today.
  • History - Where Macon Little Theatre has been.
  • People - The people that make Macon Little Theatre possible.