As Macon Little Theatre enters its 82nd season, the need still exists for a valuable and flourishing theatre, just as it did in 1934. MLT served the community well during the 20th century and it is now time to prepare for the next 75 years. Thousands of actors and tens of thousands of attendees agree - Macon Little Theatre must continue to thrive in our community.

Throughout the years, Macon Little Theatre has changed and transformed to meet the community's demand. After having standing room only in audiences for years, MLT expanded its seating capacity to accommodate the growing audiences for each season. MLT's house now has 390 seats, first-rate acoustics and a large stage.

Macon Little Theatre's Current Location on Forsyth Road

In addition to physical space, more shows have been added to the theatre's season in response to the public's insistence. And oftentimes, and extra show is produced during the year due to popular demand for a particular play. The increased seating and expanded season are evidence of the excellent reputation MLT has gained in Central Georgia for producing superior shows.