The Board of Directors

The Macon Little Theatre board meets the second Monday of every month in the Theatre's Board Room at 6:30 PM

  • Laura Bechtel: Chairman
  • Charlie Lanphier: Vice-Chairman
  • Robert Burnham: Treasurer
  • Leslie Bean: Recording Secretary
  • Jan Phillips
  • Laura Solomon Campbell
  • Charles Olson: Fund Raising
  • John Willingham: Fund Raising
  • Wendi Cooper: Financials

Join the Board of Directors

Board Members are required to attend monthly meetings, committee meetings as necessary, performances and special events. This amounts to approximately 10 - 15 hours per month. New Board Members start in July. The term of office is one year, renewable for three-year terms. The qualifications are:

  • Demonstrate interest in MLT
  • Be able to work with others in group decision-making situations
  • Possess fundraising skills
  • Have skills/knowledge/ experience in one area of responsibility
  • Have sufficient time for duties

The Board of Trustees

Composed of former members of the Board of Directors who have faithfully served Macon Little Theatre for many years.

  • Walter Dannenberg
  • Joyce Ellison
  • Wendi Cooper
  • Mary "Rusty" George
  • Nell B. Jones
  • Del Ward Leslie
  • Charlotte Nolan
  • John Willingham

The Staff

  • Theatre Manager: John T. Jones
  • Box Office Manager: Janet Carter
  • Hospitality: Holly Hall